Mindfulness applied to company life
The practice of mindfulness has, for several years already, extended beyond just a clinical context. More and more companies see mindfulness as a method of focusing on the present moment, which automatically implies taking the future into account.
This component of mindfulness has also been the subject of research in recent times. This research has brought to light a strengthened involvement of employees of a company and, concurrently, a reduction of psychological stress and of complaints linked to psychosomatic stress. Employees develop a more creative and, in particular, more genuine connection to their work.

Bespoke programme for your company

ITAM has adapted its “classic” training programme to the specific needs of company life.
We offer five options:

  1. Introductory session
    This session gives you the opportunity to familiarise yourselves with mindfulness.
    The session lasts one to two hours, provides a definition of mindfulness and demonstrates the scientific evidence behind it. The programme also includes a short exercise and practical advice.
    Group size: any
  2. Introductory workshop
    This is a half-day workshop which provides a more in-depth understanding of mindfulness. The emphasis is mainly placed on the experience of mindfulness. Practical exercises and individual feedback are at the heart of the programme.
    Group size: maximum of 20 participants
  3. Mindful@Work training
    This programme is spread over six half-day sessions (with the option of one full in-depth day) and is completely adapted to your context. It consists of exercise materials, downloadable audio files and a syllabus. The training revolves around several subjects:
    * Concentration
    * Stress reduction
    * Well-being
    * Psychological flexibility
    * Communication
    * Personal energy management
  4. Bespoke programme
    You are of course welcome to ask ITAM to establish a personalised formula with you, in accordance with your needs.
    Please feel free to contact the ITAM administration office for any information, inquiry or offer.